It All Began When They Said "No."

Coming from a family of doctors and surgeons, I always knew I wanted to help people heal, but it wasn't until I was years into my acupuncture practice that I realized, even acupuncture wasn't helping enough.
I was hearing the same stories and seeing the same self destructive (and seemingly innocent) behaviors over and over in my patients.
So I decided to look into why they couldn't change their behaviors and it all came down

To their mindset

Morning meditations, yoga, strength and mobility work, lots of protein, doing my best to stay aligned, stay aware, and find joy in each moment.

daily rituals

Guesting on podcasts, on coaching calls with my amazing clients, at the barn, in the mountains.


Drama, stress, doubt, temporary solutions, and faking it on the outside while dying on the inside.


Straight talk, right focus, love,and understanding the why, so you can do the how. Living life to the fullest.


It took my private school, Ivy League educated brain decades to realize that how I had been trained to think and do, was making me miserable, and worse my life wasn't where I wanted it to be. What I really wanted, financial abundance, to be strong enough to ride and ski well, happiness at home, always felt just out of reach.

But I thank God that I didn't give up in my darkest moments, and it got really dark. I used to be convinced that I couldn't change my over reactions to a seemingly endless list of triggers, that surrounded me. But boy was I wrong. Not only did I have control, I had more power than I could ever have dreamed of.

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

I get it, I used to be where you are. I got to the point where all the action taking and hard work, was just stressing me out. The old idea of “when I just finish organizing this” or “when I accomplish X super hard goal,” then I’ll finally be able to relax and feel good, was a never ending battle, and I was losing. My mind, literally. I had so much anxiety I couldn't decide what to feed myself or my kid.

abraham hicks


french fries, always


braiding sweetgrass


chicory & chaga tea


Bluey...with my kids



My Favorite Things

Energy — It's literally everything, and once you learn how to work with it, the world is your oyster!

my happy place!

The snow! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

Horses. If you know you know, I knew before I ever sat on a horse that it would be a life long love. 37 yrs later, I'm still learning the basics.  

My Favorite Things

Good company. There's nothing better than a genuine laugh out loud moment, that reminds you that life is really all good.

Travelling solo. Sans family or friends. I like adventures and getting to just roll with whatever comes up.

my guilty pleasure

Art. I've always loved drawing and painting. It's probably the first place I started playing with manifestation. What I saw in my mind turned into something real. 








Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 



night owl





This      That


“Honestly, this program changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”


so they say:

Feel confident knowing that you'll have a secret weapon to stay calm under pressure, regardless of what's going on. Life happens and you'll lose your cool, but do you know how to get it back without having to run screaming, "Serenity now!"?

Instant way to level up your chill button!

Better than Free Ice Cream!

let's work together

Are you like me? Do you love excellence, quality, results, success, and validation? But do you also love fun, ease, flow, and feeling like you're good at what you do? Yes, girl. I got you, and I'm excited to take you back there!

did we just become best friends?