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Do you feel sad wondering what happened to the real you, that was able to simply enjoy your life, without feeling like there's no space in your mind to even think clearly? Do things seem to be getting harder, not easier? Then rest assured, you're in the right place. But first you've got to accept that your mind and your thoughts are under your control. Are you in control?

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Most people don't even realize when their mind is wandering, let alone how to focus under pressure. The first step to managing fear and anxiety is seeing what's going on. We start with this.

How to Train Your Mindset

How to Gain Real Control

You've put all your superpowers to the wrong use. Rather than putting your energy into the machine of more stress, wouldn't you like to do less and gain more? Your thoughts matter, a lot.

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How to Show-up not Show-down

Once you have awareness of your thoughts and mind, along with the ability to have true focus, then you get to the fun stuff of actually manifesting what you want. This is my favorite!

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The Mastery Mode 

Want to really understand how it ALL works? Get my signature mindset program with the 9 week L.I.V.E. w/ Energetic Awareness Blueprint to learn the actual process from start (frazzled) to finish (chill), and get access to my entire course library!

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The 14 Day Reset

Everyone has heard of meditation, but do you actually know how to do it? In 14 days you will FINALLY get what you're supposed to do, and the real why! And you'll feel a whole new world opening up to you.


Do you have 18,000 lists and don't seem to be moving the needle on things that actually matter? The Rider's Training Plan can simplify things and keep you moving forward. Anxiety be gone! Join ths fun challenge to get you back on track.

The 30 day Plan


Over those years, I read books, listened to Podcasts, Masterclasses and had sessions with sports psychologists. I wasn’t improving. I no longer have butterflies in my stomach the night before a ride, on the way to the barn and I mount with physical and emotional ease. But, in addition to being fearless at the block, I gained perspective and clarity around so, so much more. Love, relationships, family, work and most importantly, a true vision for how I want to spend my time and energetic resources.

"I lived with a debilitating fear at the mounting block for 4 years."

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It was adversely affecting every aspect of my life and, very notably, my riding. It consumed my life 24/7 and was destroying my ability to think clearly while jumping courses. Dr. Sam’s program changed my life. My anxiety is completely under control, I’m riding so much better and have more confidence than I’ve ever had in the saddle. Even my husband has noticed a big difference in my demeanor. I feel like I have my life back again! 

"I had been suffering from debilitating anxiety for several years." 


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I'm able to ride horses basically without fear, get on airplanes, ride elevators, and not totally stressed out at work if I am not perfect. It was the program that you put together that helped me get there. Thank you for changing my life.

"It's hard to put into words how my life has changed since being in your program."

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Yes, It Really Works

Hack Your Mindset to Awesome 

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Stop Overwhelm, It's Making You Sick!

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