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It's a Podcast, but it's Also Happy Hour

Not that kind of happy hour! This is the real deal, straight from you, when you need it. Tune in to see why more people have reached out to me because of something they heard that I said...

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How to Find Joy In Failure

Say what? Actually enjoy failure? Yes, and even better than that, let's talk about the only way to find joy PERIOD. Real joy, that keeps multiplying in your life? More good, more fun? Yes, please.

How To Truly Heal

How do you go from medicine to mindset? Well, helping people heal is my main gig, and the mindset is the most complete, effective way. Tune in to an episode to see for yourself.

People ask, "what you do is so life changing, why do you focus on horses, and not make this for everyone?" Well, it is for everyone, and you'll see why passions are an essential part of how I teach.

Why Horses and Passions Matter

what you'll learn here: 

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Episode 209

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I'm a Rider, Author, Artist, Coach, Acupuncturist, Dreamer, Mother and World's Most Random Human

That's just the beginning! I'm also a manifestation expert, healer, fear busting, bulletproof mindset creating master, nature loving, competitive freeskier, former wildland firefighter-stone mason-biology teacher, Mongol Derby competitor, and tough-as-nails achiever.

My life has been a wild journey, and I'm not just ONE thing, and I bet that you aren't either!

I want to show you how to stop dreaming about living the life of your dreams and understand how to make it happen ASAP!


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I'm ready to go!

Here's the thing most of the people I see don't even realize that they aren't living. They're just getting by. Understanding your mindset is like an elimination diet. You don't realize how bad you feel until you cut the crap out that was making you feel bad for long enough that you feel better. Cue light bulb, and Dr Sam. I'm here!

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

- jen

"Thank you to Dr Sam for the undeniably great results. My mindset and confidence showed up and I know it's the work I've done that got me there"

Five Stars:

- Callan

"I found Dr Sam through the podcasts as well. Over the course I've learned to set boundaries, and value myself."

Five Stars:

- Cate

"I found Dr Sam through Noelle Floyd, at a time I had total burn out from riding. I have a renewed sense of optimism and feel reconnected to my goals."

Five Stars:

Hack Your Mindset to Awesome 

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Stop Overwhelm, It's Making You Sick!

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