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December 29, 2023

Healing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the things that was most frustrating about clinical work for me was seeing patients come back with the same issues over and over. It made me ask why?

Growing up in a family of physicians, I had a idea that health meant being free of illness, injury, and fully capable of doing everything I wanted to. But as I got closer to entering into the traditional medical system, I realized that health isn’t exactly the same thing to everyone.

Thankfully for me, the lifestyle of a physician was something that never appealed to me, and that in and of itself deterred me from becoming a surgeon like most of my family. I wanted to help people heal, and get back to functioning, as fully as possible. Having been injured multiple times myself, I realized that often times getting back to 100% isn’t possible, but most people hold a belief that medicine will get them to that magical place. So how was I to meet that standard as a provider?

I ended up in acupuncture, mostly from my own use of it when I needed help getting back to function. Initially I thought that acupuncture was a tool for injuries, and pain management, but I quickly realized that acupuncture was a powerful tool for holistic healing and health.

One of the primary focuses of holistic medicine is getting to the root of the issue to resolve the symptoms. It can take longer (but doesn’t always have to) and it often has less side effects, other than fixing other issues, that didn’t take precedence when the main problem was so prevalent.

As I walked the path of being an acupuncturist, what I realized was that when looking from a holistic perspective, that for human beings there is a very deep root cause of most of our issues, and it almost always leads back to the mind.

When I saw that the issues that my patients were struggling with came from a pattern of behavior, it didn’t take long to see and hear from their stories, that the origin of the behavior came from a thought, a response to something in their lives. Whether from inside their body or outside of it, it was clear that the way the interpreted that thing, whether it was a pain in their body, or a remark from a family member, that the next thought in their mind in response to that experience determined what they did next, and often it was a mindless behavior that didn’t serve them in the long run (ie. they were numbing).

So that’s really where the mindset work began, because I realized if I wanted to help my patients truly heal, I needed to help them change that automatic response to whatever triggered that pattern. They weren’t even seeing it in their conscious behavior, but I kept hearing the same stories and began to wonder why they didn’t realize that they had been telling me the same story over and over.

Clearly, they weren’t aware of it. It had to be something deeper, and that’s when I discovered the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis was a way to work with the subconscious mind, a way to get to the automatic responses that were happening when people were uncomfortable at best or fearful at its worst. Let’s face it, our brains are designed to help us, but sometimes they take over when really we should be driving the ship.

The hard part is once we realize that we’re not steering the ship, getting control of it again can seem overwhelming and impossible. Fortunately, hypnosis can make this process something that is not only simple, but really rapid and transformational. Especially when you combine hypnosis with a new intentional way of living and being that creates better patterns of behavior that do serve you, and keep you committed to making new habits.

It’s been amazing to watch my clients free themselves from life long anxiety, phobias, and limitations that were keeping them from living their lives fully. Healing went from getting back to 100% to actually living the life of their dreams in a whole, realistic, and achievable way, something I find to be a much more powerful target to shoot for.

It’s why it’s become the primary process I use with my clients all over the world. The beauty of working with the mind and seeing healing from an energetic perspective is that anyone can benefit from the processes that I teach my clients and I’m no longer limited to working with the people that live near me.

Getting to the root cause not only gets people back to living in a powerful way, it really truly is a critical part in helping each of us remember how to reconnect to life.

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